Whole 30 Day 32!

I woke up around 4:50 today.  I went downstairs and did a quick workout.

Treadmil- 20 minutes of running and 10 minutes of incline walking (10 incline @ 3.6 mph)

Breakfast- Egg casserole with spinach and salsa

Snack- 100 Calorie almond pack

Lunch- Salad with tuna cucumber, flax seed, salsa

Snack- Muffin, carrots, grapes

Dinner- Chicken & half sweet potato

Snack- Banana and almond butter shake

I had class tonight so didn’t eat dinner until after 8.  I was feeling starved lol. I am glad I got a workout in.

I felt a bit bloated today, but not too bad.  Many co-workers said I looked thin, but I need to feel it to believe it.

Tomorrow I will run in the morning and have another last day of strong healthy eating before introducing foods back in!


Whole 30 Day 31!

We are doing a few more days to finish the week off and weigh in on Saturday.  So two more days, well two and a half because the dress appointment is at 4 on Saturday.

I woke up around 6:10, a little later than usual.  I had no desire to wake up early to work out.  I will go this afternoon!

Breakfast- Egg Casserole: spinach & salsa

Snack- Orange

Lunch- Salad with tuna, cucumber and salsa, oil and vinegar dressing

Snack- Grapes, Muffin (after the gym)

Dinner- Chicken, Veggies, Half sweet potato

I went to the gym after work!  15 minutes of stairmaster: 45 seconds level 12/13, 1 minute level 16.  It was a great sweat!

Lat Pull Down 3 sets of 10 at 70 lbs, 4th set 6 reps

Row 70 lbs 3 sets of 10, 75 lbs 1 set of 8

Bent over rows 20 lbs 10, 10, 8, 12 (8, 4)

Lat extension 12.5 lbs 8, 8, 10 reps; 15 lb 10 reps.  15 lbs was good so I will continue to do that next time

Assisted Pull down 70 lb 5 reps, 75 lbs 3 sets of 5

Ab ball 4 sets of 8

Plank Cable Rows 12.5 lbs 3 sets of 8 on each side.

It was a great workout and I am glad I did it!

I was feeling a little bloated, but still feeling good!


Whole 30 Day 30!!

WOOHOO!!! We did it! 30 days of clean eating!! Man it feels so good and accomplishing!

First day back at work after over a week off and it was tough.  I woke up around 5.  I wanted to get to school early to catch up and make sure I had everything ready to go!

Breakfast- Egg casserole: spinach, tomato, onion

Snack- Green smoothie: Spinach, frozen banana, frozen pineapple, frozen peaches, ginger

Lunch- Salad with Cucumber, carrots, and tuna

Snack- Almonds, Grapes, muffin

Dinner- Ground turkey with spaghetti squash and spinach

Snack- Muffin

I felt extra hungry today for some reason.  I need to make sure to keep myself busy at school! I ate more snacks than I have while being off.  No workout today- I need to get back with it tomorrow!

Whole 30 day 29!

I can’t believe this “diet” is almost over.  It has taught me so much and I am looking forward to continuing with a healthy lifestyle.

We took a “sick” day today to get some wedding stuff done, mainly the registry.

Woke up around 8.  Made breakfast.

Breakfast- Eggs, sauteed red potatoes, bacon… YUM!!!

Lunch- Ground turkey and cauliflower rice leftovers.  This was seasoned with cumin and other spices!

Dinner- Spaghetti Squash with ground turkey meat sauce

I was definitely craving some chocolate or a sweet, but I was so full still from dinner!!!

No exercise today.  I meant to squeeze it in, but I did a lot of food prep in the kitchen and lost track of time. It is definitely easier to get it done in the morning.

Tomorrow is the first day back to work after over a week of being off.  I am going to try and wake up early to workout, but I also know I should get to work early to get things done! Lots to do!


Whole 30 day 28!

WOW! two more days, well technically.  I go back to work this week so I hope the week flies by and I try on my perfect dress on Sunday and everything works out! 🙂

I am really feeling great and look forward to continuing a healthy life style with 80/20 theory.

Today, woke up around 8.  Decided to do a quick fasted cardio (without food).  20 minutes on the tredmill.  It was a funky incline run/walk for 15 minutes (I reached 350 vt ft.) then the last 5 minutes was speed, 7.6 mph with no incline.

Breakfast- 3 scrambled eggs with mustard

Then I had a swim lesson for 3o minutes and went to the gym for leg day.

Warm up: 10 minutes on the stair master.  1 minute warm up @ level 10.  then I did 30 seconds on level 12, 1 minute on level 15.  After minute 5 or 6 (I forget now) I did 30 seconds on level 13, 1 minute on level 16! It was a good warm up to LEG DAYY!!


Snack- Banana

Lunch/Dinner- Salad with crab meat

Snack- Nut mix of cashews and almonds

Whole 30 day 27!

WOW!! Almost done! I wonder if the last few days will be the longest.  This past week felt like the longest week EVER!! Having 5 snow days was too much.

I woke up around 7:30.  I am feeling lazy so I just went and watched TV.

Breakfast- Egg Scramble: Red Potatoes & Scrambled Eggs

Snack- Muffin

Lunch- Chicken Breast

Snack- Blueberries

Dinner- Ground Turkey w/ cauliflower rice.  I used cumin as my main seasoning. It was just a mixture of what I had in the fridge!

Whole 30 day 26!

Another day!

I woke up around 8.  I had to make breakfast and be out of the house by 9:30 so I didn’t have time to run.

Breakfast- Egg scramble: red potatoes & scrambled eggs

snack- Muffin

Lunch- Salad with chicken

Snack- Muffin & Apple

Dinner- Salmon, Sweet potato, broccoli.

We decided to make dinner plans with friends we hadn’t seen in awhile.  Picking a “safe” place was hard, but we went with long horn.  I felt bad because I had to ask the waitress what I felt were ridiculous questions.  I had to make sure they had salmon non-marinated, which they did! I do think the broccoli had a little bit of butter, but I didn’t want to be too picky.

I felt great today.  One more week until the dress! then I will slowly start introducing foods back in and stick to a 80/20 plan!