Another Blog?

Why do people blog? What is the purpose of a blog? Living in this crazy world, I feel like I am forgetting my journey and most importantly my adventures in life which are shaping me as a person.

I want to keep growing and developing into the person I am meant to be.  It is a lifelong journey; a lifelong adventure.  Life isn’t simple and I wouldn’t change anything about that.

Through many ups and downs, things have happened in life.  Well I want to start a new journey.  On July 15, 2016 I am getting married to the most perfect man.  2 weeks ago I bought the most perfect dress to walk down the isle in.  It is beautiful in every way.  I have never felt more perfect or beautiful in my life.  However, I want to look even more perfect, sexy, stunning, beautiful.  Everything a girl dreams about!  So this is the start of a new journey.

I have 270 days to transform my body.  I am already “fairly fit” but I want muscles!  I want to feel healthy, have more energy, and obviously look & feel sexy!!!!

I am starting this new journey- mind & body! Consistent exercise with various activities- cardio, lifting, intervals.  Diet- healthy eating without restricting myself to treats I love.  Positive mindset- creating a new energy within to stay motivated!

I plan to document my exercise, daily activities, & food!  Hopefully through my journey I can help or motivate others to transform themselves inside and out!

Welcome to my journey! 🙂