Whole 30 day 26!

Another day!

I woke up around 8.  I had to make breakfast and be out of the house by 9:30 so I didn’t have time to run.

Breakfast- Egg scramble: red potatoes & scrambled eggs

snack- Muffin

Lunch- Salad with chicken

Snack- Muffin & Apple

Dinner- Salmon, Sweet potato, broccoli.

We decided to make dinner plans with friends we hadn’t seen in awhile.  Picking a “safe” place was hard, but we went with long horn.  I felt bad because I had to ask the waitress what I felt were ridiculous questions.  I had to make sure they had salmon non-marinated, which they did! I do think the broccoli had a little bit of butter, but I didn’t want to be too picky.

I felt great today.  One more week until the dress! then I will slowly start introducing foods back in and stick to a 80/20 plan!


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