Whole 30 day 28!

WOW! two more days, well technically.  I go back to work this week so I hope the week flies by and I try on my perfect dress on Sunday and everything works out! 🙂

I am really feeling great and look forward to continuing a healthy life style with 80/20 theory.

Today, woke up around 8.  Decided to do a quick fasted cardio (without food).  20 minutes on the tredmill.  It was a funky incline run/walk for 15 minutes (I reached 350 vt ft.) then the last 5 minutes was speed, 7.6 mph with no incline.

Breakfast- 3 scrambled eggs with mustard

Then I had a swim lesson for 3o minutes and went to the gym for leg day.

Warm up: 10 minutes on the stair master.  1 minute warm up @ level 10.  then I did 30 seconds on level 12, 1 minute on level 15.  After minute 5 or 6 (I forget now) I did 30 seconds on level 13, 1 minute on level 16! It was a good warm up to LEG DAYY!!


Snack- Banana

Lunch/Dinner- Salad with crab meat

Snack- Nut mix of cashews and almonds


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