Whole 30 day 29!

I can’t believe this “diet” is almost over.  It has taught me so much and I am looking forward to continuing with a healthy lifestyle.

We took a “sick” day today to get some wedding stuff done, mainly the registry.

Woke up around 8.  Made breakfast.

Breakfast- Eggs, sauteed red potatoes, bacon… YUM!!!

Lunch- Ground turkey and cauliflower rice leftovers.  This was seasoned with cumin and other spices!

Dinner- Spaghetti Squash with ground turkey meat sauce

I was definitely craving some chocolate or a sweet, but I was so full still from dinner!!!

No exercise today.  I meant to squeeze it in, but I did a lot of food prep in the kitchen and lost track of time. It is definitely easier to get it done in the morning.

Tomorrow is the first day back to work after over a week of being off.  I am going to try and wake up early to workout, but I also know I should get to work early to get things done! Lots to do!



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