Whole 30 Day 32!

I woke up around 4:50 today.  I went downstairs and did a quick workout.

Treadmil- 20 minutes of running and 10 minutes of incline walking (10 incline @ 3.6 mph)

Breakfast- Egg casserole with spinach and salsa

Snack- 100 Calorie almond pack

Lunch- Salad with tuna cucumber, flax seed, salsa

Snack- Muffin, carrots, grapes

Dinner- Chicken & half sweet potato

Snack- Banana and almond butter shake

I had class tonight so didn’t eat dinner until after 8.  I was feeling starved lol. I am glad I got a workout in.

I felt a bit bloated today, but not too bad.  Many co-workers said I looked thin, but I need to feel it to believe it.

Tomorrow I will run in the morning and have another last day of strong healthy eating before introducing foods back in!


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